Persevering through the fog

I wish I knew where to begin with explaining everything. I’m starting to feel more and more like it will be therapeutic in a way to continue with this blog in some way as a way of expressing and coming to terms with things. Not that many people at all read my blog, but at least it’s some kind of outlet. Maybe it’s because it feels so suffocating sometimes knowing how much has had to be left unsaid – how there are few people I can talk openly to about everything that’s happened, and even fewer who have any chance of understanding. And then I’m still coming to terms with everything myself. Things are getting easier and life is getting better, but I’m still having my moments of feeling completely overwhelmed or paralysed by memories or triggers of different kinds. I know it’s going to take time, but I wonder if I’m ever going to be able to completely move on from everything that’s happened. Everything seems like a struggle at times, especially spiritually. I need to remember what I heard in a homily last weekend, about how God causes our faith to sprout and grow once seeds are planted, even when we can’t see or feel anything and don’t understand what’s happening, how or why. I just need to pray as best I can and persevere through the fog, and trust that He is somehow working through all of this.

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2 Responses to Persevering through the fog

  1. mark.w.westhoff says:

    Natalie, I am not sure what all you are dealing with, but I promise that you are not alone. I have struggled with that feeling many times in my life, and I value the people who have told me this same message, so I just want to pass it on to you. You are beloved and you always will be.
    “…But I am not alone, because the Father is with me. I have told you this so that you might have peace in me. In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.”
    You are in my prayers!

  2. Ricardo says:

    Keep faith!
    You are in my prayers too!

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