My latest adventure!

Hi everyone,
Happy New Year to you all! I hope 2013 is full of much joy and many blessings!
My apologies for neglecting my blog once again. I can get you up to date with the last few months simply by saying that 2012 was a ridiculously busy year with my university studies but I made some great friends and went on a number of interesting field camps, and I’m very pleased with the grades I ended up getting. I’ve been officially accepted into my Honours course so I will be doing my own independent research and writing a thesis throughout 2013, which is an exciting but rather scary thought! The last few months have also been particularly crazy and stressful with exams and my Mum ending up in hospital after a heart attack and then a stroke six weeks later, and my Nanna ending up in hospital as well, and then most recently my brother breaking his leg.
I’ve been working at the local supermarket for a little over a year and while it can be somewhat stressful and unpleasant at times, overall I’m enjoying it and I certainly have some lovely regular customers who more than make up for the less pleasant people I have to deal with sometimes. I’m still involved with my youth group and looking forward to the next retreat weekend which we’re hoping to have in March. I’ve also been attending a number of great Catholic events, including the monthly theology on Tap in a nearby diocese, and (although I haven’t been in a little over a month due to craziness of life in the lead up to Christmas) the fortnightly Life to the Full catechesis sessions hosted by Fr. Greg Morgan at a nearby parish. Fr. Greg is Australia’s youngest Catholic priest at the age of just 25 years old (He was 24 when he was ordained!) and is a very inspirational speaker. Back in September I was also fortunate enough to be able to attend the Australian Catholic Youth Ministry Convention which was a wonderful experience which I really got a lot out of.
So this is a few weeks late, but it has been time for me to drag out the suitcase and dust off my passport again. On Friday, January 4, I flew out from Sydney to Bangalore, India! In fact, I’m currently sitting in a little internet café near Kannur, India. I’m actually just converting some of the emails I’ve sent home into blog format, so apologies if any of this doesn’t quite make sense in the present context. The next post was written just before I left for India. And will give you a bit of background about my trip. I hope you enjoy reading them and I’d love to hear your questions and comments!

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