Revelation and Absolute Truth

Many people in today’s world succumb to the heresy of relativism, and deny the existence of an Absolute Truth. In reality though there is such a thing as Absolute Truth, and God has written it on our hearts for us to discover and understand if we will only open our hearts to Him.

I can make that statement with a great deal of confidence because there are a number of times I have experienced the unveiling of the Truth, at least in part, in my own life. We’ve all fallen into the trap at one point or another of trying to justify things that aren’t quite right in our lives or to brush issues of great importance off as insignificant (to the point of being able to easily believe our own arguments) when deep down, if we are to be truly honest, we have an intrinsic knowledge that really we are wrong. Alternatively there are those times when we’ve had such strong convictions about certain things, seemingly for no reason, only to discover later on that there are certain doctrines or theologies that suddenly shine light on and explain these convictions. These intuitive experiences aren’t just weird coincidences or psychological phenomena – there is something much deeper at work that gets right to the core of our humanity. If we can accept this we must then surely realise that there is something much bigger than ourselves from which this innate understanding of right and wrong, justice and truth, and goodness and beauty stems from – that there truly is an all-knowing, all-powerful, ever-present, loving God who has set everything in motion and who knows us more intimately than we can ever know ourselves.

To truly and fully know and understand God is beyond human comprehension, at least in this world. That being said, God has revealed Himself and continues to reveal Himself to us in many ways, from sacred scripture through to the influence of the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Holy Trinity, in our lives.

If you truly stop and reflect you’ll probably be able to recognise this in your own life at certain points. It’s rather a paradox that when we think of God revealing His truth to us we tend to picture some kind of sudden, dramatic occurrence involving thunder and lightning and gusting winds, and this did happen quite often in the bible. In reality, though, most of the time God’s revelations to us are more like a quite whispering tugging at our hearts through which we come to comprehend something of the Truth. We may not understand WHY, but we come to realise the WHAT of certain beliefs or practices we feel called to ascribe to in our lives.

I mentioned that this has happened to me a few times in my life. I’ve had strong convictions or beliefs about certain things for many years with no idea where these feelings have come from, and have sometimes wondered what’s “wrong” with me for having ideas that are so counter-cultural. Eventually though I stumbled across or was led to certain Church teachings or Catholic writings and suddenly everything made sense – it wasn’t that I was crazy or that something was wrong with what I was thinking. On the contrary – something was very right. This is one of the reasons why I love the Catholic Church – I know there is Truth in Her beautiful teachings because they align with what is written on my heart, and it is through the Church that I can come to truly know Christ.

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