“Do everything you do to the glory of the One who made you”

So there’s this great, really catchy song I’ve been listening to lately by Steve Curtis Chapman called “Do Everything” (Check it out here). Basically the gist of it is that it doesn’t matter what you do in your life or who you are – if you do everything for God even the most mundane of tasks have meaning and a bigger purpose. I was recently listening to K-LOVE online (a Christian radio station I became a fan of while living in the US) and they read a letter from a school janitor commenting on the song. She was saying that as a janitor her job wasn’t seen as particularly important or meaningful, and that really, anybody could do her job. What made her job special and different though was that she viewed it as an opportunity to do something special – as she cleaned the school she would pray for all the students and teachers that worked there, and by doing so she made her job really meaningful.

I really admire that woman and the wonderful approach she has to life, and so I have started trying to follow her example in my own life. I recently started working at a supermarket, and I have been amazed to find that there is more to it than just bagging groceries – I have this incredible opportunity to serve others in more than just the obvious sense. For one, like that very inspiring janitor, I get to pray for real, specific people who are relatively unknown to me, and who may not have a relationship with God. In addition to that, I get the chance to really try to be an instrument of God. It could be something as simple as trying to get a genuine smile out of that customer who seems really stressed or maybe a little grumpy. Or listening and showing a genuine interest in someone for a few minutes. Or giving someone a chance to share some of their story and have someone show them a little bit of God’s love. It’s amazing how you can build these mini-relationships with people in the space of a few short minutes, and how much people are willing to share in that short space of time. I could be wrong, but maybe it’s a reflection of people not feeling like they really have someone they can confide in, or just needing to be heard and loved. The other week a woman came in and ended up telling me how she lost her husband suddenly a few years ago at the age of 34, and how she finds it hard raising three kids under 5 without him, and how protective she is of them. And while I couldn’t do anything except try to be kind and loving, I’d like to think that maybe God worked through me in a small way that day – maybe that lady just needed someone to listen to her, and to show her a little bit of kindness. And I was able to do more for her than just that – I was able to pray for her. May we all learn to turn even the most dull of jobs into opportunities to serve God, and share His love with others.

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