G’day and welcome


So this is my first attempt at getting this blog started. Whether it goes anywhere remains to be seen. See, I’ve been thinking about starting some kind of blog for a few years now, and have even started blog accounts a few times, but I have always ended up neglecting them after only a few posts. I’m hoping this time I will have a little more success, though. What’s so different about this time? Well, I’m hoping it will be that this time the blog I’m starting actually has some direction, and is on a topic I am very passionate about – my Catholic faith. Okay, so that in itself is a really broad topic, but it’s still more focused than just looking at the random wanderings of my mind.

I think my fatal flaw with past blogging attempts, besides my lack of direction, was that I always seemed to think it was necessary to write something really long and profound. I think this time I need to just keep it short and sweet rather than writing nothing simply because I haven’t the time to sit and write a super-long blog entry. I’ll write a separate post to tell you a bit about me, but as for the longevity of this blog, all I can say is wish me luck!

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